Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC)

Advertising in RBDC Publications Policy

Personal or commercial advertising in RBDC publications includes: paid advertising; unpaid advertising; and unpaid classified ads.

NOTE: Advertisements, either commercial or personal in nature, will not be announced by instructors at the end of the class,or placed on the RBDC Telephone LIne or on the RBDC Web Site.

Paid Advertising Policy

Space permitting, and following Publication Policy, commercial advertising* space in the newsletter is available to individuals or businesses provided the advertisement meets the following criteria: only ballroom-related items, such as clothing, shoes, music, dances, or lessons are advertised; the advertisement respects the Publication Policy as stated in this document.

The following rates per issue of the Ballroom Biz apply: 

$15 for 1/8 of a page (Note: page size being 8.5" x 11")

$25 for 1/4 of a page

$50 for 1/2 of a page

$100 for a full page.

The treasurer will send the bill for the advertising costs to the individual or business.

*A commercial advertiser is deemed to be an organization or individual that sells items for profit*

Unpaid Advertising Policy

Space permitting, and following Publication Policy, unpaid advertising (i.e. classified ads or notices) in the newsletter will be available to non-profit organizations free of charge with the following stipulations:

  1. The message of the notice from a non-profit club must be consistent with the goals of the RBDC.
  2. The notice will run once per semester.

Note: Advertisements can also be place on the notice board at the entrance to the classroom where lessons are conducted..

Unpaid Classified Ads Policy

  2. Free classified ads can be placed by RBDC members only. The members must be fully paid, current members, who are either taking lessons or are instructors in the Club
  3. Free classified ads must be no longer that 25 words in length, with the telephone number being considered as one worked.
  4. Free classified ads can only be used to advertise ballroom-related items (i.e., shoes, clothing, music, request for a dance partner.) No other items can be advertised.
  5. RBDC Members or instructors can place up to one classified ad each semester.