Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Beginner Classes

Open to anyone interested in learning to dance.  No previous dance experience is necessary.
Semester 1: Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba
Semester 2: Cha Cha, Waltz, Two Step

Watch videos of the steps by clicking on the icons below


Week 1
FOXTROT: basic, promenade

Week 2
RUMBA: box; turning box

Week 3
ECS: basic in closed & turning basic throwout, close



Week 11
Cha Cha: side basic
Two Step: progressive basic

Week 12

WALTZ: progressive basic

Week 13
CHA CHA: outside partner
TWO STEP:  lady’s right underarm turn  

Step List September - December

Week 4
FOXTROT: review week 1; left rock turn

Week 5
RUMBA: review week2; slow underarm turn

Week 6
ECS: review week 3; inside underarm turn

Week 7
FOX TROT: review weeks 1 and 4; sway step

Step List January - April

Week 14
 WALTZ: balance steps (forward & back)

Week 15
REVIEW weeks 11-14

Week 16
CHA CHA: crossover break with walk-around turn
TWO STEP: right underarm turn to sweetheart

Week 17
WALTZ: quarter turning box left


Week 8
RUMBA: review weeks 2 and 5; crossover break and underarm turn

Week 9
ECS: review weeks 3 and 6; underarm release from basic.

Week 10
Demonstration of all steps, practice



Week 18
CHA CHA: open break with underarm turn
TWO STEP: sweetheart to wrap

Week 19
WALTZ: turning box with underarm turn

Week 20
REVIEW weeks 16-19