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February Biz: 40th Anniversary Ruby Red Spotlight

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The 40th Anniversary Ruby Red “spotlight” is swinging over to the sound system cabinet unit at the Austrian Club location and taking a shine on those who made it possible for the new cabinets to be ‘rolled out’ in time for the Winter Semester.

The cabinets to house the club’s sound equipment are custom made to endure the constant weekly use and specific needs of our club in terms of mobility, security, storage and ease of setup.

This 40th year started with the design and construction of the cabinetsby Emilé Gaudet.  Bruce Holmes and Richard Buettner assisted with the design specifications. 

As the club grew from having only Beginner and Intermediate level classes twice a week to today’s five level classes (Beginner, Intermediate 1,2, 3, and Advanced) four times a week at two locations, responsibility for music became more challenging.

The non-executive positions of “Sound Equipment Manager” and “Club Music Coordinator” were established in the 2000s, and this year Bruce Holmes volunteered for these positions.  As P. Conroy stated, “without music and dance, life is a journey through a desert.”
Thank-you to Emilé Gaudet, Bruce Holmes and Richard Buettner for your commitment!