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February Ballroom Biz: Passing Footsteps

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As the 40th Anniversary T-shirts are being sold online this year, some members may recall the T-shirts we've had in the past. 

Custom club T-shirts were made available six times over the past 40 years:

1977- During the 6 years as “University of Regina Dance Club”, the club had blue T-shirts with the slogan “I'd rather be Dancing”.

1988 – Club shirts sold for $17 in white or blue.  Also lapel pins were available for $3 or two for $5.

1995/96 – T-shirts and sweatshirts with the slogan “Regina Ballroom Dancing Club... dancing for fun” was designed by club member, Chris Osicki.  ($15 T-shirt, $20 collar T-shirt, $22 sweatshirt -white or blue).

1996 – The 20th Anniversary T-shirt with the slogan “Follow Our Lead”  designed by club member, Shelley McGillvray-Holmes featured her custom artwork.  ($17 in Beige or Grey)

2001 – The 25th Anniversary T-shirt design and artwork was done by club member, Shelley McGillvray-Holmes.  In addition, golf shirts (red, yellow, white) with an embroidered club logo were also sold to members.  ($25)

2017 – The 40th Anniversary T-shirt, featuring the ruby red anniversary colour and slogan “Celebrating 40 Years of Passion For Dance” was designed by club member, Odile Statt.  ($14.99 in white)

You'll be able to view many ofthe past club T-shirts when you come to the 40th Anniversary Last Waltz on April 1, 2017.   Make sure to visit the Quebec and Ontario rooms to see the display of the club's memorabilia.