Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Passing Footsteps - March 2017

Ballroom Biz ArticleRBDC

The “Passing Footsteps” series of articles are written and published in the BIZ only during a milestone anniversary year, which started 20 years ago for the 20th Anniversary.  The intent was to highlight a moment of club’s history.  Back in 1996,  I obtained a lot of the information and ideas for the “Passing Footsteps” articles from BIZ newsletters (started in 1988).  Memories before 1988 were obtained from my personal archive files of instructor notes, dance programs, meeting minutes, photos, and such.  In doing so, it was also the beginnings of the club’s archives.  Thus, Last Waltz 1997 was also the premier display of club’s archives, complete with poster displays, routine videos, costume display, and lots of photos.
For the 40th Anniversary Last Waltz on April 1, 2017, you’re invited to view the club’s memorabilia in the Quebec and Ontario rooms at the Conexus Arts Centre, located down the hallway from the ballroom room.
“If one wants to run, they must learn how to walk.
If one wants to teach, they must learn.
If one want to define the future, they must study the past.”
(quote by Confucius)