Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Hello RBDC dancers!


I've been asked to start a blog for the Ballroom Biz. I have never done anything like a blog before, but I said I never ballroom danced way back when I started, so here I go.

My name is Linda Helfrick and I would love to hear from you about what you would like to see in the blog and content.

I'll start the blog by sharing my experience with trying the ankle exercises in the Jan. Ballroom Biz.

Here it is mid Jan and I have decided to work on my posture to improve my pickleball shots and my ballroom dance frame.

The ankle exercises in the Ballroom Biz seemed fortuitous. The universe has a way of encouraging me, doesn't it?

I started doing the alphabet with my right foot and big toe. I'm not sure anyone would recognize my F,K, Q. I noticed my whole leg seemed to get involved and I had to really focus on just using my toe and ankle. It is harder than it sounds.

I double dog dare you to try it. Remember what you do with your right foot you should do with your left foot.

I have to say I loved the calf raises, on the stairs, it was a great stretch. M kept my hand close to the handrail as a precaution.

The one foot balance act was a little tricky.  I moved close to the counter and they suggest you balance on one foot for up to 2 minutes. My first effort was about 30 seconds. I think I will work up to 2 minutes.

My toughest exercise was the arch squat. People who know me know I dance in flats, so balancing on the ball of my foot was challenging. I finally have a use for the yoga blocks. The exercise description says your foot 'may' shake when you lower your foot...mine shook bad enough to rate a number on the Richter scale I think.

Tell me what you think. Did you try the ankle exercises? What are you interested in seeing in the blog.