Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Join our Board of Directors!

Margherita Vittorelli

RBDC needs you! This year, a number of executive positions is open and we are looking for brave men and women to fill them.

Are a champion of change? A pioneer of new ideas? A guru of organization and management? A dedicated RBDC member who wants to be more involved? Beginners, New Members, and Advanced dancers are all welcome to join. Here is what we promise:

1. Never a dull moment. That's true. You should see some of our meetings.
2. Free membership and event tickets!
3. The satisfaction of telling people whom you want to impress that you sit on a Board of Directors.
4. Excellent treats at our board meetings.

Oh and yes, the opportunity to have a say, make a mark, change RBDC history, and all that...

Consider running for one of the positions listed below (click to read full job descriptions). You will need to attend our AGM on March 26th to be elected. Info on calendar.

1. President (You do not need previous experience to do this. We will help you.)
2. Vice President (Ditto)
3. Social Coordinator
4. Membership MAL
5. Ticket Sales MAL