Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Intermediate I

Basic dance steps need to be “automatic”.  Other steps taught in Beginners should be well known, since this class builds on the material introduced in the Beginners program.

Good frame should be in place.  Tango,  Samba and West Coast Swing are introduced.

Semester 1: Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, Tango
Semester 2: Cha Cha, Waltz, Samba, Two Step, West Coast Swing

Step List - September - December

Week 1
Foxtrot: promenade with underarm turn
ECS: back-pass

Week 2
RUMBA: open break with underarm turn
TANGO: basic straight

Week 3
FOXTROT: zig-zag in line
ECS: cradle

Week 4
RUMBA: crossover and side rocks
TANGO: promenade turning left

Week 5
REVIEW weeks 1-4

Week 6
FOXTROT: right turn
ECS: tuck turn

RUMBA: shoulder check
TANGO: corte single

Week 8
FOXTROT: box; turning box
ECS: sugar push to arm-slide to tuck turn

Week 9
RUMBA: crossbody lead       
TANGO: promenade turning right

Week 10
REVIEW weeks 6-9




Step List - January - March

Week 11
CHA CHA: Cross-body lead
WALTZ: Simple twinkle

Week 12
SAMBA: Bounce Technique, basic forward and back
TWO STEP: Promenade pivot

Week 13
WCS: Left side pass, starter step to left side pass
Waltz: Two-way underarm turn

Week 14
CHA CHA: Shoulder check
TWO STEP:  Hand to hand grapevine forward

Week 15
REVIEW weeks 11-14

Week 16
SAMBA: Side basic, fifth position
ALTZ: Face to face, back to back

Week 17
WCS: Sugar push, right side pass
EO STEP: Basket whip

Week 18
CHA CHA: Butterfly
SAMBA: Box, left turning box, extended box

Week 19
WCS: Sugar tuck, right side pass
WALTZ: Reverse turn

Week 20
REVIEW weeks 16-19