Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Intermediate II

Members should know the material from the two previous levels since this class builds on those dance steps.  Mambo is introduced.

Semester 1: Foxtrot, Swing, Rumba, Mambo, Tango
Semester 2: Cha Cha, Waltz, Samba, West Coast Swing, Two Step

Step List September - December

Week 1
FOXTROT: promenade twist
ECS: cradle to hammer-lock

Week 2
RUMBA: open rumba walks
MAMBO: basics

Week 3
TANGO: open fan
ECS: double face-loop

Week 4
FOXTROT: grapevine
RUMBA: cradle circle

Week 5
REVIEW weeks 1-4

Week 6
MAMBO: cross over break with walk around turn
TANGO: right side fans

Week 7
FOXTROT: twinkle
ECS: wrist spin and alternating turn

Week 8
RUMBA: open circular walks
MAMBO: open break with underarm turn

Week 9
TANGO: rock steps
FOXTROT: promenade pivot

Week 10
REVIEW weeks 6-9


Step List January- March

Week 11
CHA CHA: 3 cha cha cha's
WCS: Rolling left side pass

Week 12
SAMBA: Samba walks
WALTZ: Natural turn

Week 13
TWO STEP: Shoulder catch
WCS: Right side pass to hand change, rolling left side pass to shadow out, left side pass to hand change

Week 14
CHA CHA: Shadow positions
WALTZ:  Promenade chasse

Week 15
Review - Weeks 11 - 14

Week 16
SAMBA: Forward spirals
WCS: Left side pass with underarm turn

Week 17
TWO STEP: Outside weave
CHA CHA:  Cross over flick to side break

Week 18
WALTZ: Simple twinkle to weave
SAMBA: Opening out left and right

Week 19
TWO STEP: Outside to inside weave
WCS: Extended sugar tuck

Week 20
Review - Weeks 16 - 19