Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Intermediate III

Members should be comfortable with material from the three previous levels and be looking to “fine tune” their dancing.  Members will learn new steps, step amalgamations, and styling techniques plus work on “good mechanics”.

Semester 1: East Coast Swing, Foxtrot, Rumba, Mambo, Tango
Semester 2: Cha Cha, Waltz, Samba, West Coast Swing, Two Step

Step List September - December

Week 1
TANGO twist turn left & contra rocks

FOXTROT   open right turn

Week 3
MAMBO: crossbody lead with inside turn promenade swivel and close

Week 4
RUMBA: alternating underarm turns

Week 5
ECS: face loop and pivot

Week 6
TANGO: promenade pivots

Week 7
FOXTROT   hairpin from promenade position

Week 8
MAMBO: rueda basic/mambo twist

Week 9
RUMBA: cucaracha with in & out turns

Week 10
WCS: side to side and running steps 

Step List January- April

Week 11
CHA CHA: Crossover Flick combination

Week 12
WALTZ: Twinkle, open right turn

Week 13
WCS: Basic whip

Week 14
SAMBA: Rolling box, voltas left and right

Week 15
TWO STEP: Side by side free spins

Week 16
CHA CHA: Backspot to inside turn

Week 17
WALTZ: Check to open fallaway

Week 18
WCS: Reverse whip to left turn, right turn

Week 19
SAMBA: Open break to backspot turn, advanced left turn

Week 20
TWO STEP: Check with shoulder roll