Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC)

Membership Benefits

 RBDC members are entitled to:

  • One hour of dance instruction per instruction week (10 hours each semester) - this is called "The Primary Class"

    • May register for more than one instruction class per year/semester for an additional feel this is called "Extra or Additional Class"

    • Specialty classes will be available this year (for more info click on our Cost of Membership page)

      • Line Dance - Fall Semester (10 weeks)

      • Salsa - Winter Semester (10 weeks)

  • Attend any or all week-night practice sessions (Free) and Saturday social dances ($5.00 per member)

  • Purchase tickets to club dances at member prices

  • Receive the club newsletter "The Ballroom Biz" (8 - 10 times per year)

  • Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting

  • Be eligible to hold office on the Board of Directors