Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC)

Class Cancellations Policy

In the case of extreme weather conditions and other extenuating circumstances a decision shall be made to cancel classes by the club president and at least one other executive member.

The criteria for cancellation in general terms shall be the closure of highways or city streets by the city or department of highways or blizzard like conditions causing poor visibility and hazardous driving conditions.

Other circumstances such as the loss of a facility for an evening or instructor illness may result in classes being cancelled.

  1. There shall be at least three club members who know the procedure for putting a message on the Ballroom Club line. They shall be a Vice President, President, Communications MAL. Time permitting the Communications MAL will post the cancellation on the RBDC web site.
  2. If the decision is made to cancel classes the President or his designate shall contact one of the people listed above to put an announcement on the Ballroom Club line and the Communications MAL to post the cancellation on the web site.
  3. Information shall be included in registration material to advise members of the criteria for canceling classes and an advisory to check the Ballroom Club line for information in the event of severe weather.

**There will be NO refunds/makeup if classes are cancelled.**