Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC)

No mistakes in the tango, darling. Not like life, simple, that’s what makes the tango so great. If you make a mistake, get all tangled up, you just tango on.
— Al Pacino, Scent of a Woman

How It All Began

The Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC) is a non-profit social dancing club.

Founded all the way back in 1977 as the University of Regina Dance Club, the club’s original mandate was to give dance lovers a venue to learn and practice and to provide a social outlet in which an interest in ballroom dancing could flourish into full-blown passion.  Of course, we have since gotten carried away. We are now open to the public – meaning that since 1983, the club has been attracting some of the most talented dancers in town and we now count more than 400 members.



Dance Lessons

We teach a wide selection of dances and focus on the enjoyment of dancing rather than the competitive aspect. All are welcome: the young and the young in spirit, singles and couples, absolute beginners, those with two left feet, and the experts who need somewhere to show off.

Each lesson is one hour long, and if you can’t get enough we offer three 15-minutes practice session each night. The perfect occasion to corner an instructor for some one-on-one attention.

Our Dances

Two times a year we give in to the glitter and hold big dances. These are great dress-up occasions. RBDC also hosts social dances year-round. A great way to spend a Saturday night, these are also a relaxed occasion to keep dancing and practicing, and we welcome members and non-members.