Regina Ballroom Dancing Club

Student Routine Class

For Intermediate 1 & 2 Students:  

Why:  Has the dance bug bitten you!   Do you have an inner desire to build your dance skills? 

           Want to meet new people and be a part of a team?   Feel an urge to perform what you have learned?

What:  Student Routine Class: A Performance based class designed to reveal your newly learned skills on April 6, 2019 at the Last Waltz.

Who:  Designed for Intermediate 1 & 2 students (must be current full year member).  Instructors are Dan and Sandra Woods.

Where: Instruction and Practice to be held at the Wa Wa Shrine Hall.

When: Class times Tuesdays 9:00 - 10:0 pm.  First Class starts Tuesday October 2, 2018.  

Cost: $100 per person (Includes complementary ticket to the Last Waltz).


Additional Information:

Singles will be partnered up.  If there is not a partner available for you, or, if you have not found a partner, you are welcome to stay in the class and continue to learn as an understudy, or you can choose to have your registration money (for this class only) refunded to you.

Students are expected to have a good knowledge of the beginner steps. New patterns, technique, and musicality will be taught, having is guaranteed.

Registration Forms will be available in both Intermediate 1 and 2 classes.