Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC)

Video Taping Policy


From time to time members of the Regina Ballroom Dancing Club have approached the Instructor Group and the Executive of the Club requesting permission to videotape dance class material. The principal reason that has been cited for making this request has been a desire to have a means of remembering the material presented in class.

This issue has been reviewed by both the Instructor Group and by the Club Executive. The consensus of both these groups has been that video taping should not be allowed during Club time. Reasons cited for this opposition have included by not been limited to the following.
◦It is a general practice of other dance organizations not to allow video taping of class materials.

  • There is a wish to maintain the privacy of those instructors and members who do not wish to be videotaped.
  • There is potentially a safety issue associated with allowing a large number of people to videotape in a class setting.
  • There is a possibility that video taping will impact the social aspects of the club. The objective of the club is to promote social dancing not to operate as a dance studio.
  • In order to be fair to all members tapes would also have to be produced and made available to those who do not have video equipment.

It needs to be recognized that instructors are volunteers and not employees of the Club and as such should not be forced to participate in video taping if they do not wish to do so.

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the RBDC that video taping will not be allowed during regular "Club Time". Club Time shall be defined as regular instruction time, practice times or regular dance functions except for the following situations:

  1. The taping of advanced class material by the Chief Instructor Group, for use in the development of the curriculum for other class levels.
  2. The taping of instruction and practicing time associated with routines. (For the purpose of this policy a routine is defined as a dance demonstration which is performed either at a Club function for entertainment or outside the club for the purpose of promoting the Club).
  3. The taping of a routine or demonstration with the approval of the participants.
  4. During instructor preparation time.
  5. Taping will be allowed at instructor workshops with the prior approval of the guest instructor(s).

Taping of instructional material may be done outside of Club Time. However, this activity shall in no way be considered to be a sanctioned function of the RBDC. The responsibility for this activity will rest fully with those parties making the arrangements for the video taping. This shall include arranging for instructor(s)/demonstrator(s), the booking of facilities, etc.