Regina Ballroom Dancing Club (RBDC)

Website Policy

  1. The RBDC web site at provides timely information regarding the Club and its activities both to our members and the public.
  2. All content on the web site will be published in accordance with the the RBDC Privacy Policy.
  3. Requests to link to other web sites from the RBDC web site are subject to the approval of the executive and must meet the following criteria: the web site must be dance related; visiting the web site would be of benefit to RBDC members (i.e. a site selling dance shoes); content on the web site must respect the Publication Policy as stated in this document.
  4. RBDC members and not-for-profit organizations may promote dance events of the web site event calendar provided it meets the following criteria: the event is dancing related and benefits the membership; the event does not conflict with an RBDC event; the organization or member does not profit* from the event; and a contact email and phone number is provided to ensure that the RBDC mail account and phone line do not receive inquires about the event. (* Fund Raising events where profits are given to a registered charity are acceptable - i.e. the RCMP Charity Ball*).